The Grey Oaks Naples Real Estate Market

The Grey Oaks Naples real estate market is one that has a depth of both product and price. Located in Florida, Naples is an upmarket range of suburbs that surround a small city area where the commerce and nightlife reside. Beyond this is the Gulf of Mexico with its crystal blue waters and its warm evening breezes.

The real estate market is one that genuinely suits most singles and families that want to enter and purchases a property in Grey Oaks Naples. The lowest priced properties that I have been able to locate have been just above the 115K range which would be very much the lowest housing rung on the market. That said at least it is a to hold on Naples real estate and as is always in real estate, the cheapest house on the most expensive street is generally the smartest buy for those who are possibly a little budget challenged.

Outside of traditional housing, there is a large number of properties such as allotments or strip lots which are very suitable for either a compact living arrangement such as a caravan or trailer. Those who enjoy this lifestyle may want to take the opportunity to move or have a tiny house erected and have that set on site.

Outside of portable housing and market entry prices, the houses, depending on the season and the amount of sales stock appears to have a median price range of around 180K. For 180K and above you will find that these homes have all of the required amenities and are most often three bedrooms family home. Above the 250K range, you are then either looking at additional benefits to the property. This may be those houses in this range that have the beach or water-based views. They may be the properties that back onto some of the very expensive golf clubs that dot the area.

Some of the other features that may be expected u in this price range are multiple car garages for the vehicle collectors among you. Large outdoor and or indoor swimming pools also seem to be synonymous with this range.

Moving past the 250 – 350K property then the truly spectacular housing begins to appear. Please keep in mind that the occasional property will drop onto the market at a price tag of 20 Million Dollars and more.

As you can see from the above the Grey Oaks Naples property market is one that is truly diverse in the range of housing options, types, and styles of houses along with the biggest dictator of social status which of course is the price tag. If you are interested in seeing more of the Naples real estate market along with the properties that are currently being advertised today’s market take a visit to Zillow where you can use the Zip finder to find all properties in Florida as well as Naples listed as advertised by the agent that is running the listing. You can also see those properties that are currently owned by the bank and for which you may get an excellent deal on price to help move the property back off the bank’s books.